About this website

This website provides analysis of key housing and neighbourhoods trends across the UK. It has been developed as part of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Housing and Neighbourhoods Monitor project.

It aims to:

  • provide a resource that brings together the facts on housing and neighbourhoods trends across the UK;
  • support understanding of how long-term trends vary across the four nations of the UK, by providing charts of key indicators;
  • assist in local, regional and national service planning by providing UK-wide maps of key indicators that enable people to compare different housing and neighbourhoods concerns across the four nations and different local areas;
  • provide an overall picture of key UK housing and neighbourhoods concerns, by providing reports that analyse and comment on the indicators and overall policy outcomes.

We would like to acknowledge the leading role played by Richard Kingston at the University of Manchester in the initial development of this website in 2009, and Torchbox for the website’s design.

Errors and bugs

We recognise that this site (launched Nov 2009) will contain errors and bugs, especially during its early life, and we encourage you to report them to us. Please contact us if you spot anything.

About the Housing and Neighbourhoods Monitor project

The Housing and Neighbourhoods Monitor project has been funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and is being delivered by:

  • the University of Manchester’s Centre for Urban Policy Studies (CUPS) in collaboration with
  • the University of Glasgow’s Department of Urban Studies and
  • the University of Ulster’s Built Environment Research Institute (BERI).


It aims to:

  • identify key housing and neighbourhoods issues of concern across the UK as a whole and within each of its four nations through analysis of housing and neighbourhoods statistics;
  • comment on government performance on related national policy targets; and
  • identify emerging trends and concerns that may not be in the policy spotlight.


This work has been funded for a three-year period initially, running from 2009-2011. Subject to positive user feedback on this website, JRF anticipates continuing its commitment to monitoring housing and neighbourhoods trends in the longer term and updating this website.

About the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent charity and endowed foundation that funds a large, UK-wide research and development programme. It works alongside the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, which is a registered housing association, managing around 2,500 homes, and a registered provider of care services.

Our purpose is to influence policy and practice by searching for evidence and demonstrating solutions to improve:

  • the circumstances of people experiencing poverty and disadvantage;
  • the quality of their homes and communities;
  • the nature of the services and support that foster their well-being and citizenship.


For more details about the JRF’s programmes of work see www.jrf.org.uk/work.

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